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Your content is your bread and butter and advertising is what pays for it.
Just reprimanding your readers won't work.You spend a lot to acquire them and now ad blocking is stealing your revenue.

Rekoverr unlocks the stranglehold ad blockers have on your content.

  • Recover and Increase Revenue

    Create new revenue streams to restore lost ad revenue and monetize your site.

    Key features:

    • Detect ad blocking extensions
    • Counter ad-blocking software
    • Display custom native ads that are impossible to block
    • Incorporate other monetization formats
    • Leverage social media endorsements
    • Counter changes in ad-blocking technology
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  • Recover Reader Engagement

    Build your brand while educating your audience. Drive engagement in exchange for access to your content.

    Key features:

    • Intercept readers using ad blockers on your site
    • Set your own terms and conditions for accessing content
    • Templates to educate and engage readers, with pop up messages, humor, games etc.
    • Customize messages and style to fit your brand and target segments
    • A/B test
    • Evolve your message as readers' behavior changes
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  • Recover Your Insight

    Understand where you are being blocked and how often

    Key features:

    • Demonstrates how ad-blockers are affecting you
    • Allows you to understand ad blocking on a user level and on a page view level
    • Drill down into the data by
    • Date
    • Geo
    • Referring traffic
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  • Platform

    Rekoverr is a revenue recovery platform that helps publishers combat ad blockers and engage their readers

    • Simply and quickly integrates with WordPress or script-driven CMS
    • Employs obfuscation, polymorphic algorithms, native cloaking and other techniques to combat ad-blocking counter-measures
    • Employs customizable template-based messaging to enhance brand, reader retention and engagement
    • Scalable – Rekoverr will accommodate any size traffic

    About Us

    We’re a team of technology and publishing experts who bring a competitive mindset and about 150 years of collective business and technology expertise to restoring the balance between the producers and consumers of content.

    We come from your business. We know that it does not matter to you as a publisher why people are installing ad blockers.

    It’s not your fight. You need control of your pages, a dialogue with your readers and the revenues advertisers pay to reach the audiences you deliver.

    It’s also difficult and expensive to stay ahead of constantly morphing technology that usurps control of the pages and ads you are delivering. That too is not your business. But it is ours.

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